The Opening of Online Gambling in 2010

The online gambling sector presents very great economic challenges. In 2010, the opening of online games ushered in a new era for gamers, advertisers and sites. Poker games, sports betting and horse racing are affected by this legislation under certain regulatory conditions, including a license issued by ARJEL. It is therefore LAW No. 2010-476 of May 12, 2010 on the opening up to competition and regulation of the online gambling sector. Read this entire report to get an idea of ​​the impact of the opening up of online gambling which has been operating in France for the past 7 years.

• The end of anonymity for gambling

With the online gaming legislation in 2010, gamers have the opportunity to indulge in all of their favorite activities online. Many casino games such as poker will be allowed to be played for cash in online casino rooms. Thus, the sites will be able to present a wide variety of games in order to meet the expectations of the most demanding players.

• The fight against money laundering

The opening of online games in 2010 allows governments to exercise some control over all financial movements emanating from this industry. The state will also be able to ensure that minors cannot participate in online gambling, through questions whose answers remain declarative, which means that the regulation is often bypassed.

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• Economic growth

Internet gambling legislation is one way for the government to increase its budget revenues. Indeed, compulsory levies allow the state to have tax revenue for its possible investments and thus improve the fiscal health of the government.

• Protection of players and morals

The rules of judicial application on online games help ensure the protection and safety of players. Indeed, this legislation makes it possible to fight against all kinds of gambling addiction. It is also a way for the authorities to promote responsible gambling on the internet. As a result, players will be able to play only a limited number of times, in order to avoid breaking the bank and playing responsibly.

This law also allows casino operators and in particular the online Partouche casino to be under the control of competent authorities such as ARJEL in France. As a result, players in the gambling market will be obliged to offer the best services to players and to ensure their safety. In addition, this legislation is an opportunity for players to file a complaint against fraudulent, illegal and untrustworthy gaming sites.

Because these sites are located in France, it will be easier to file a complaint against them. That is why it is necessary to choose a safe and reliable online casino which we have classified in the list below.

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