The Ban on Smoking in Casinos

Around the world, there is a law that prohibits smoking in public places. And of course land-based casino rooms are no exception to this rule. It is a means of protection against non-smokers, staff working as dealers and participating in health-responsible gambling. However, some casinos operators find a way to get around this law in order to keep all their potential customers (smokers). To learn more about this subject, we let you read this article without further ado.

The smoking ban in casinos: A big danger for casinos?

The ban on the consumption of any tobacco-related product is prohibited by law in closed public places. However, this rule constitutes a real financial danger for most casino operators. Here are all the reasons that can justify this assertion:

The disparity of players in classic casino rooms

By banning smoking in public places, casino operators see the majority of their customers converging on other means of entertainment such as scratch cards for example or online or online casinos.

Indeed, a large number of players will converge in the terrestrial casino rooms to spend moments of relaxation. They want to indulge in smoking a de-stressing cigarette, and drinking a little drink. This ban for certain removes the great pleasure of going to traditional casino rooms.

Additional expenses

In order to retain players, some casinos do not hesitate to make certain expenses in their casino room. Take the case of the United States, most casino operators have vents on their engine rooms to make the air more breathable.

Some casinos have invested their money in purchasing a smoke extractor and smoking rooms. Thus, smokers and non-smokers will be able to participate in all their favorite games, roulette and other Blackjack!

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Why the ban on smoking in casinos?

Since a casino hall is part of a closed public space, it is quite normal that casinos are affected by this law. These regulations ensure the protection and preserve the health of non-smokers. It is also a way to avoid various types of problems such as fires and other expenses related to hygiene and cigarette burns on carpets.

This ban is also taken into account in the promotion of responsible gambling that respects the health of all. Indeed, this is a way to combat all kinds of gamer addiction in entertainment venues. Even though players are more inclined to smoke a cigarette while playing at the casino in stressful situations such as waiting for the outcome of a cash game or a winning combination on a slot machine.

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