State Monopolies on Gambling

Gambling is subject to restrictions and prohibitions in several and different countries, notably in France. Since many people are interested in gambling, this industry is of interest to most governments. What could be more normal than to observe a certain state hegemony over online games. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of state gambling monopolies.

Why State Gambling Monopolies?

arjel There are many reasons for state authority over online games. This may be for the sake of regularization, economic security and protection of players.

  • The regularization of gambling

The state plays the role of regulator in the casino games market. That is, the state must make an assessment of the economic and social consequences of online games, in order to institute policies to limit or promote this sector. The government regularization of online games is aimed at the following points:

  • Protect players against all kinds of addictions (psychological, financial, social)
  • Collective well-being and public health
  • Stabilizing economies by combating money laundering and other criminal activities.
  • The opening of the online gaming market

The state gambling monopoly has opened up the online market. Within a political framework, governments allow players to gamble online on sites that are legal and controlled by authorities such as ARJEL in France.

  • Economic Growth

The monopolization of governments on casino games helps boost the country’s economy. Indeed, casino operators must pay taxes and participate in the progress of the respective countries. The compulsory levy makes it possible to finance the fight against unemployment and also to finance the investments of the State.

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State gambling monopolies: the downsides

This state monopolization on online games is causing the closure of many land-based casinos that can no longer pay their charges. As a result, some casino operators engage in illegal practices on the internet by encouraging players to play their favorite games discreetly.

In addition, traditional casinos tend to increase their fees, which lowers the redistribution rates of slot machines in particular. State control over games of chance prevents casino operators from being free to move around, as the sector is tightly regulated at the legal level.

It is for all these reasons that it is important to choose a reliable, serious and secure casino. To help you make your choice in the jungle of online casino gambling sites

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