Outlook for Casinos in the Face of Changes in the Sector

The outlook for land-based casinos in a rapidly changing casino gaming world is rather bleak. The gambling and gambling market, for example, contracted again in 2009. It was the beginnings of online casinos that arrived in droves. The casino operators were the most affected, with a decline in gross gaming revenue of more than 10% compared to 2008, reaching its lowest level since 2002 with 2.3 billion euros in gross revenue.

Factors of hope

Thanks to state intervention, Texas Hold’em Poker has been authorized since May 2007 in land-based casinos, which has allowed gambling establishments to attract new, younger and more connected customers. A relaxation of the regulations has already been announced by the Ministry of the Interior in November 2008. A decree should authorize casinos to organize poker tournaments outside their enclosures, as long as they remain under their control. control.

A technological advance

The development of the so-called electronic cigarette, which emits only water vapor, suggests the possibility of bypassing the Evin law and once again attracting smokers to the breasts of gambling establishments. However, the consequences of frequent use of this product are still being investigated and long-term toxicity has not yet been assessed. Some casino operators and operators have also installed outdoor gaming rooms, such as the Partouche casino located in La Ciotat, all in order to continue to welcome smoking players.

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A new market in perspective

The opening up to competition of the online gambling market: the government presented a bill in March 2009 for a controlled opening of this sector on January 1, 2010, that was 7 years ago already. While this bill only affected horse betting, sports betting and poker, casino operators are trying to exert continued pressure on the French authorities to allow online casino gambling. This is the case of the Partouche group, which launched a game portal more or less illegally in November 2008.

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The growth prospects for the online games market appear to be staggering. This is why major maneuvers have already been launched: buyouts, alliances, mergers, creation of free online gaming sites, interest from foreign sites, but also from large-scale operators from the media and telecommunications sectors such as M6, Orange, or even the Amaury group. Obviously the major changes in this sector have only just begun and the Partouche casinos group does not seem to want to be left behind, which we all easily understand.

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