New Online Casinos 2017

The best online casinos of 2017 are often difficult to find. To do this, we invite you to discover the best online casinos of 2017 and those that will allow you to experience things differently.

A particularly rich year 2016

2016 has been a very successful year and a lot of online casino have really sprung up. Rich in the diversification of the offer since many online casino open to the French have emerged, generous in the quality of services offered by some of these operators and finally, abundant through the development and technological advances made by the publishers games.

There is among others the online casino Gale and Martin as well as the Happy Hugo casino offering high-end services. The year 2016 was marked by assistance to young people globally. French-speaking web-casino seem to have extended the opening hours of their support channels.

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Online casinos 2017

GalemartinLet’s move on to 2017! This year is marked by a real boom in so-called “live” online casino. Success in live casino, or live casino, depends on the fact that a real dealer rules the live game, not a machine. The difference between a live casino and an online casino is that a live casino is an online casino that offers players tables with live dealers.

Concretely, this simply means that they are tables filmed in real time by cameras installed above and around roulette or blackjack tables broadcasting the images in streaming to millions of players around the world. The best 2017 online casino have been offering these methods for a few years.

For 2017, it should also be noted that more and more traditional casinos are opting for online casinos. Indeed, all the major traditional groups are opting for the year 2017 to turn to online casinos. It will certainly be the big surprise for this year! Finally, for this year 2017, it is good to watch certain online casinos such as the brand new Gale Martin Casino or the Wild Sultan Casino offering quality services.

There is also the 777 Casino but also the Extra Casino offering very good things all year round in the world of online casinos. Also note the excellent return of the French casino Majestic Slots which is once again accepting French players!

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