Loto: the FDJ Refuses to Validate Your Grid!

Loto: the FDJ refuses to validate your grid!  – Since an American won the equivalent of 634 million euros in the lottery in the USA, many French players wanted to be inspired by her grid but the Française Des Jeux refused to validate their grid because there was more 45 identical combinations in the same draw. The editorial staff conducted the survey to understand the reasons for these refusals.

A lucky combination

Regarding the draw of September 16, 2017, the French games informed us that many players wanted to play the same combination as Mavis Wanczyk this 53-year-old Massachusetts resident who won the jackpot in the American national lottery, the famous Powerball. The exact sum of $ 758.7 million! The combination which brought him luck was 6, 7, 16, 23, and 26, the lucky number checked being number 4. It is in order to use this famous winning combination that the French wanted to validate these numbers.

Explanations of the “Bug”

And yes, many French people wanted to validate this combination but it was without counting on the new rules of the Française Des Jeux. Indeed, many players have had their ticket validation refused, with the following message appearing: “All grids played cannot be validated due to capping. We invite you to modify your grids ”.

Explanation: since March 2017, the loto rules have set the number of identical combinations that can be played on a single draw at 45. And this in “Pursuant to article 15 of decree n ° 78-1067 of November 9, 1978, the total number of identical Single Combinations participating in the same draw may not be greater than 45 per Loto ® and Super Loto® draw”.

To speak clearly from the 46th grid with the same numbers, validation will be refused. So it is thanks to this new rule that players can know in advance exactly how much they will earn according to rank. But the other side of the coin is that identical grids are limited.

It is noted that the Loto is not the only game of the Française Des Jeux impacted by this new rules, the winning Keno for life is also affected by this new formula, it should be noted that only 35 similar combinations are allowed each time. draw for Keno.

So you are going to tell us that in addition to guessing which combination will be the winner, it will also be necessary to find a combination that has not been played more than 35 times. Note, the second combination is easier to find than the first!

Either way you will still be able to play at a reliable online casino to choose from in our rankings below.

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