International Poker Tournaments

Poker is one of the most popular and popular card games in casino rooms. This game has become extremely popular with the advent of internet casinos also known as online casinos. This exponential development gave birth to a series of famous international poker tournaments. These organizations allow players to test all their knowledge, strategies and compete against world-class professional opponents. It is also a way for professional players to pocket large sums of money on the gaming tables, which can reach several million euros or dollars. Read this article carefully to have all the essential information on the various existing poker tournaments.

The Biggest International Poker Tournaments in the World

There are many international poker tournaments that provide a great time for players to have fun and most importantly to win cash. Among all these events, there are some that are very popular around the world.

– The World Series of Poker

As the name suggests, this is the world’s greatest poker series. The WSOP has seen great evolution in order to match poker enthusiasts around the world. The WSOP remains one of the biggest benchmarks in terms of attendance, notoriety and above all financial rewards.

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– The World Poker Tour

The WPT is a tournament that takes place mainly in North America but also in some European cities. It was the tournament that boosted the popularity of the game of poker around the world, especially in France. In fact, Patrick Bruel’s participation on the Canal + channel increased the audience for the WPT in France. The participation of many French-speaking Canadians also helped boost the notoriety of the game of poker, particularly in France.

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After more than 10 years of existence, this tournament lost its great notoriety until its inception but remains a destination of choice for all players who want to win one or more titles. It is an event that allows players to generate winnings as quickly as possible.

– The European Poker Tour

EPTs are a variant of WPT, but only at European level. Thanks to the large number of players around the world, this tournament series has now become the one with the most competitors of all countries and which offers the most impressive Prizepools.

– Other international poker tournaments

It is also good to know that there are also other international poker tournaments that are catching the attention of players around the world. This is of course the PPT, FTP which are part of the popular tournament series in France.

It is obvious that many land-based casinos wish to benefit from this unprecedented craze for the game of poker, and this is how many of them, like the Partouche casinos, organize games for the most aficionado in their gaming rooms. between you.

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