Full Number Roulette Method

Roulette is undoubtedly the leader in casino table games. It is the game most played by professional players in all casino rooms. For anyone who is familiar with roulette, they should know that a number is extremely important in this game and which allows for winning shots. Playing by numbers is therefore a great opportunity to get rich by playing roulette. In this article, we allow you to have all the details on the full number roulette method.

What to know about full roulette numbers?

Full number roulette method

Since the methods of full number roulette are many and varied. It is important to have an idea of ​​what solid numbers really are in order to make the best choice. Helpful is to know that there are a maximum of 36 numbers in a game online regardless of zero. To use the full numbers method, players must divide the numbers into four equal parts:

  • red odd numbers
  • black odd numbers
  • red even numbers
  • red even numbers
  • black even numbers

It is important to know that each color has a specific value in the gambling. Thus, the even numbers in black are 10, while the even numbers in red are 8 numbers. As for the full odd numbers, it takes 10 numbers for the red odd numbers and 8 for the black odd numbers.

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How to find full numbers in roulette?

Since online casino roulette has 36 numbers, it is more strategic for players to divide them into four groups, in order to increase the chance of the number 10 and number 8 being rolled. Players can thus use the Miss and Pass technique to split the numbers and have the chance to play on four or five numbers.

The full numbers method in French roulette involves learning how to find the numbers that can come out in the draw. Because of this, players should rely on numbers that are not out for a minimum of 18 rounds. And players should bet the smallest amount of money possible in order to win 35 times the stake. Players must also master the different numbers according to their color and category. Mathematical calculations are also a way to find full numbers.

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