Discovery of the Ax-Les-Thermes Casinos

Like many other spa resorts, Ax-les-thermes casinos is fortunate to have a gaming casinos, which happens to be the only one in Ariège elsewhere. It is owned by the Lyonnais Joa casino group. This gaming establishment has diversified and democratized and is on the way to becoming a real destination for leisure and more simply for going out. It is in this sense that new exterior fittings have been recently redone and completely redesigned.

A totally redesigned casinos

The new director of this gaming establishment, Christophe Ougène, even if he is not pure Ariège, is already behaving as such. It is enough to see him give the hug, on the large terrace of the casino, to the great number of Axeans whom he knows. This brand new casino director is not his first try as he was director for 18 years with the Joa group in several casinos, including that of Canet en Roussillon. So this is an area he is particularly familiar with.

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And it is with all his years of experience that he redesigned the entire interior and exterior decoration of the Ax les thermes casino. The bar has been redesigned and is now placed in the center, product diversification is important since catering is making its debut with the counter brand Joa and of course we do not forget the very latest latest generation slot machines.

To make an inventory there are 50 slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker tables and unique machines which are networked like games of thrones or even Stargate.

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There is also an electronic roulette made to attract players who are a little embarrassed to play on a classic roulette with a croupier, so it attracts a new clientele less accustomed to the gambling hall. In short, we come to the Ax les thermes casino to eat, play, have a drink, meet people and have fun. And there are many reasons to have fun, because this gaming establishment which has a staff of more than 25 people who are always there for you, from the young player to the oldest and accustomed, everyone finds his account.

Regarding the winnings, and the casino of Ax les thermes is no exception to the rule and regulation, in fact, according to the law, all machines must redistribute at least 85% of the sums they have swallowed. But of course this redistribution is done according to a completely random sequence.

Here you have just made the acquaintance of this relatively little-known gaming casinos which is well worth stopping by and discovering, if only for its restaurant or its bar. Remember that the casino also hosts seminars.

So we hope that this presentation has made your mouth water and that you will want to discover this casino as soon as possible.
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