Combat Online Casino Vs Real Casino

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to play casino games was to go to a casino! Nothing could be more normal, but for 20 years with the explosion of the internet and in particular for a good ten years, online casino sites have sprung up on the net, and can easily compete with their offer insane with real casinos said land.

Supply explosion

But were you aware that the real beginning of online casinos historically began in 1994. It was in that year that the Microgaming company developed online gaming software that was downloadable from a CD-rom. And it was only 4 years later that this company launched the first slot machine with an associated jackpot, this virtual slot machine was called Cash Splash, with this dynamic of innovation the same year was launched PlanetPoker which is everything simply the premier online poker site. Then came the tidal wave, at the end of 1998, there were over 700 online casino sites on the web!

But it is Java software that has totally transformed the world of online games and online casinos, in fact Java software has allowed players to be able to play their favorite video slot machines without downloading on nomadic media, such as smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. Which in our opinion has greatly contributed to the rise of online casinos. Subsequently, online betting games also developed exponentially. Nowadays, this disproportionate supply of online gambling and betting allows many online casino players to tap into pretty good sums of money, some even as online poker players have made it their business.

The advantages of the online casino

This success is mainly due to the undeniable advantages of online casinos over real land-based casinos. Indeed you will find all the games that you could find in a real Partouche casino for example but with a much more exhaustive offer, hundreds of video slot machines but also a very fast update since you will always find the latest technology very quickly. (3D for example) in an online casino while in a land-based casino there is always a slower reactivity on novelty.

These new technologies and new software also give you the illusion of being in a real casino, especially with the Live Dealer technology available for table games. You can also more easily in online casinos play several different gaming tables, or even ten video slot machines at the same time, something impossible with real casinos. Something we don’t often think about, online casinos offer generous bonuses of several hundred euros with no wagering requirements.

You would never see a real casino greet you with a cup full of chips and say “it’s free, go play with it”, which is what online casinos do. Regarding the payout rate (RTP), there we can say that there is equality between online casinos and land-based casinos. But we can also order the RTP from most to least generous.

In order, Baccarat followed by Black Jack, Roulette followed by video poker games and video slots. Finally one of the last advantages and not the least, you have the possibility with online casinos to make deposits in a secure way with a multitude of possibilities: Neteller card, visa, mastercar, Paypal and many more.

We have therefore seen the last 20 years an explosion of the offer and which according to the world of the online casino is not ready to stop by the greater propensity of young players to play on nomadic supports like smartphones and tablets. But let’s face it, what is also interesting is to play as much in real casinos as in online casinos, in fact, certain atmospheres can never be transcribed at home. To guide you through this jungle of online casino sites we have listed below a list of reliable online casinos.

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