Casino Project on the Seine in Rouen!

True cultural heritage, the wine storehouse will become in a few years, a very large entertainment complex, especially with a casino. The City of Rouen, responsible for the protection of the large storage site for European wine growers, will be the prime contractor for the casino project.

Why a casino project on the Seine in Rouen?

The Seine wishes to reinvent itself by setting up different types of projects, in particular the casino to replace the famous wine cellar. There are many reasons that allowed the people of Rouen to applaud the project to build a games room.

• Revalue and rehabilitate the heritage of Rouen

The main advantage of supporting such a casino construction project is that it makes it possible to renovate and enhance one of the main heritage elements of Rouen and its port. This will make it possible to start certain works which will enhance the beauty of this emblematic place and give a boost to the architectural and cultural heritage of this city in the maritime Seine.

• A real tourist attraction

Tourism is an important point in the economy of any community. This is why it is important to do everything possible to catch the eye of passing visitors. It is with this vision that a casino project will take place on the Seine in Rouen. The casino will consist of being a real tourist resort and will allow the city to generate more profits and tax revenues.

• For more entertainment

Today, many people are looking for ways to have fun and have a good time with family or friends. Thus, the casino is the place of entertainment and leisure par excellence. This will allow the inhabitants of Rouen to have several gaming rooms, tables and slot machines. They will no longer need to travel to other Normandy destinations to participate in all their favorites.

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• Economic Growth

One of the main reasons for investing in the construction of a casino on the Seine in Rouen is to increase the economic and therefore budgetary performance of the city. The casino is an excellent choice to attract more and more visitors and encourage them to wager sums of money in their favorite games. The municipality can therefore benefit from all these funds for the financing of these possible investments and the creation of local jobs in order to fight effectively against unemployment and to revitalize economically a very attractive region. While waiting for the construction of what will undoubtedly be a magnificent gaming casino, you will nevertheless be able to play at one of the serious online casinos ranked in the list below.

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